I, for one, am happy you stumbled upon this blog post page. As a short introduction, my name is Genesis Nieves. The idea for this blog stems from my interest in cultivating a stronger understanding of the culture around me and finally documenting my experiences with art in all of its forms. I am lucky enough to currently reside in New York, a place that has given so much to me: my formal education, my love of musical theater, and my passion for writing.

Now, you may be asking yourself why this blog is titled The Wednesday Revue? Unlike most working individuals, my weekend begins on Wednesday, a time for relaxation and reflection. This is the time when I go out and enjoy the world at large. The “revue” acts with greater intention as I hope to entertain and bring joy and interest to anyone who reads this blog.

As always, I am open to going to new locations and seeing new things. Please visit the contact tab of this blog to send me information of events and films, books and restaurants that I must attend. I hope to share my unbiased and humorous experience with you all.